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Mike Hanna has recently spoke to the governor to get a bill introduced and passed through the House & Senate. The first part of the project connecting Bloody Skillet to Renovo and Renovo to Whiskey Springs is to be completed by April 1, 2020. The 2nd part of the bill is to complete and make connection from Clinton to NY Border by 2024. CMATVA has made a lot of these connection but will need help from DCNR & Penn Dot to complete the rest. SSRTA is proud to be a part of such a large project and is presently working to connect on the west end of the SSRTA to Philipsburg. There are so many people to thank for their efforts in this project, and one that comes to mind is Jeff Snyder, Clinton County Commission. He has been there supporting both atv clubs and traveling to Harrisburg, attending events, meetings to help make this project happen. Mike Hanna-what can we say about his support for both atv riding organizations and now to finish off his great career with something that will help not only the local businesses but other businesses across the state. See what can happen when everyone works together for the same goals. Thank you to all the members of both organizations, corporate sponsors of both organizations-without you this could not of happen. So we thank you all!!


We had a good informational DCNR meeting on December 12th, 2017 at Lock Haven University. Larson Design Group presented their conceptual disign to connect Bloody Skillet To almost Renovo and Whiskey Springs to almost Renovo. The puzzle is to link the two systems at Renovo. We had about 150 people in attendance - great turnout. DCNR is asking for your thoughts how to link the two trails around or through Renovo.

DCNR/Larson Group held the 2nd of two meetings on December 19th, 2017 at Lock Haven University to discuss the results of the feasibility study to connect Bloody Skillet to Renovo & Renovo to Whiskey Spring. After a presentation of the conceptual trail, we were divided into 3 groups to discuss input. Safety, patrols, economic impact on the businesses were the main issues addressed. There still remains a puzzle to connect at Renovo from both sides.

Questions and comments can be submitted through a dedicated email address at ATVCONNECT@LARSONDESIGNGROUP.COM