Camping at Gillentown

We offer FREE camping for SSRTA members at Gillentown Trailhead.

SSRTA members may camp at the Gillentown Trailhead at no charge.-- Subject to change--

Positively no open fires! All fires must be in a self contained unit-and ashes should be disposed of properly-out of the parking area.

The Trailhead is a place to park and unload- not a race track, or a part of the riding Trail. Please respect this area, and go slow.

If you carry it in-take it out with you. We do not have garbage pick up.

Garbage in the Restroom is also not allowed. It is a comfort facility, not a garbage can.

At any time, if these rules can not be followed, camping at Gillentown will be re-evaluated by the SSRTA Officers, and can result in no camping overnight.

If you like camping here - Patrol within your ranks - If you see rules not being followed, speak to those violators. Get names, take pictures etc. Violators risk membership being revoked.

Noise - Generators, vehicle noise have been a voiced concern. Respect your fellow campers and only run such items when absolutely necessary. Campers should patrol within your ranks and discuss concerns with those causing such noise. Work noise concerns out between yourselves so camping can continue at the trailhead.