Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the SSRT located?
Exit 147 off of I-80. Turn left on SR-144 go approximately 3 miles, look for ENTRANCE to Gillentown Trailhead on the left-Green street sign, kiosk and large SSRT letters in white stone on red stone across from kiosk. Lots of parking .

2. How many miles is the SSRT?
19 miles of railroad bed and 27 miles of legalized Snow Shoe Township Roads.

3. Can I ride double on the SSRT?-yes.

4. Can I ride a “dirt” bike or “go-cart”? – NO. Only legally PA State registered units with current liability insurance are allowed to become members to use the SSRT.

5. What if I am Out- of –State? Check with PA-DCNR’s website to see if your State has Reciprocity. If it does not, you must register with PA-provide proof of ownership (title-sales slip) and current insurance. An unregistered unit can get a title created at a tag service by providing the needed information.

6. When is the Trail open or closed? The SSRT is open 24/7. We ask that members respect the neighbors along the Trail in speed and noise-loud exhaust pipes are a unwanted annoyance.

7. If I sell my unit or buy a new one-should I remove the SSRT Sticker?
NO. The sticker stays with that unit, just as the plates must. A new unit requires new information on a new application , with the membership fee. Stickers may NOT be transferred – our Trail insurance requires that ALL units be registered and carry current insurance and our sticker system is the SSRTA’s way of keeping track of those users (units) on the Trail.

8. What if I lost my sticker?

You must reapply for membership. Our stickers are tried and true if applied on a clean dry surface—the use of rubbing alcohol on the desired spot will assure adherence. Keep power washers at least 12 inches away from the sticker—if it does come off and can be sent to our mailing address, we will issue a new sticker—a $2.00 replacement fee should be submitted along with the old sticker.* Membership costs and sticker placement is listed on our applications. Rules and Regulations are provided to all members.

9. Can I camp at Gillentown Trailhead?
Yes. Members may camp at Gillentown for no charge- we only ask that all fires be self contained-Open fires on the limestone parking caused many problems-and any member doing so will lose their membership. We ask all members to self regulate this rule as a common courtesy-no one wants to run over nails or debris from a fire.

10. Are there any other trails that I can ride on besides the SSRT or the legal Township roads?
All atvists must respect the land owners and by PA-State Law must ask permission to ride on other people’s lands. Posted and No Trespassing signs mean exactly that. The SSRTA is only responsible for the designated Trail and the use of the legalized Township Roads.

11. Does the SSRTA patrol the Trail? Yes. The SSRTA has a contract with the Centre County Sheriff’s Office to patrol the Trail and enforce the Rules and Regulations of the SSRTA and those of the PA-State.

12. Do I have to wear a helmet? YES. It is a State Law for all atvists , drivers and passengers, to wear helmets on ALL units-including UTV’s. NO EXCEPTIONS.